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Plastic racks

•Streamlined result

•Efficient processing

•Added cleanliness

•Increased automation

•Better durability

Samleið Ltd. has designed and produces strong and durable plastic racks which give more streamlined and efficient results, are easier to clean and are ideal for automation in the process of fish products, i.e. for the drying, smoking, blast freezing and the process of salted fish.
The racks were inroduced to the market at the beginning of 2001 and have already proved to be a great success and are used by the leading companies in the fish drying field in Iceland adn the Faroe Islands.

Custom made for the processing line
The racks are custom made for the processing line of Skaginn plc.  This line has among other things a washing machine and equipment for removing the fish from the racks and piling the racks in stacks for a later use.
The plastic in the racks is of type ABS and the studs are made of type HDPE, both of which fullfill the standards required by the Environmental and Food Agency of Iceland.  The racks are easy to clean, handy and they have no closed spaces where dirt could gather.

Size of racks and studs
The racks are produced in two standard sizes, 91,2 x 91,2 cm and 80 x 80 cm.  The thickness of each rack is 3 cm.
The racks have three types of studs which means that the space between racks can be 9,5 cm, 8,5 cm or 5,5 cm.  It is quite easy to change the studs as required in each instance.  The racks come in green color but special orders can bre delivered in different colors.

A promising experience in the fishing industry
Many of Iceland's biggest companies in the fish drying field are customers of Samleið Ltd.   Companies in Faroe Islands, Russia, Norway and UK are also customers of Samleid Ltd.

Here are both types of racks before assembling

It is very easy to insert the studs onto the racks.

A pile of the plastic racks.

Racks in use in Faroe Marin Product.

Racks piled up in the drying chamber.

Racks in the processing line from Skaginn.

Racks are piled up by the processing line.

Fishheads loaded onto the racks at Laugafiskur Ltd.

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